Tuition Course 2024-2025


SHACKLETON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a British school offering instruction based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales. Therefore, students who wish to enter at age 5 and up must demonstrate the minimum necessary knowledge.

All applicants, even if they come from another British school and/or are native speakers, will undergo a written test according to their age, and will have to present, that same day, the academic report from their previous school.

The decision, with respect to the suitability of the applicant, will be taken by the management team, which will also determine if any special measures are necessary to help the student’s transition.

Some applicants may be admitted to the school on the condition that they work with a personal tutor for some months.

Admission Procedure:


Fees 2024-2025


A non refundable, on-off payment made at time of enrolment.

2º sibling 10% discount

3º sibling 30% discount

4º sibling free of charge


Reservation of a place for the following academic year.


Monthly fee (10 months from September to June). It includes the special morning service, Early Birds.

Nursery & Reception 558€

Year 1 to Year 6 589€

Year 7 to Year 8 635€

Year 9 to Year 11 680€


Monthly fee.
The cantine is compulsory for all the students.

EYFS & Primary 190€

Secondary 199€


Academic year - 10 months

Roundtrip 177€/month

One way 105€/month

Random Months

Roundtrip 210€

One way 140€

One-time service 12€

Daily consumable materials,
psycho-pedagogical service, school insurance
Aprox. 538€

Annual fee. Charge divided in 3 payments: September (180€), January (180€) and April (178€).

Do not include individually used materials, textbooks or Apps. Also not included in these prices: uniforms, extracurricular activities, variable costs, external exams, one-to-one service.

From Year 1, a Chromebook selected by the school is required. Approximate value: €500. Not included.

Individual materials, field trips, workshops...

Individual use materials (textbooks, pedagogical and technological resources, etc.) can be purchased in the online shop once we provide you with the list of requirements. Please remember that you need to have them ready for the start of the school year. The online shop will be available throughout the school year in case you need to restock anything.

As for excursions, you will be informed about them during the school year.

School continuity insurance
Check rates and conditions

These prices are subject to current labor regulations. If they were to change, the corresponding increase would apply.

According to Spain’s labor regulations, the CPI+2% will increase each year.

**From the third sibling, there will be a 25% discount on tuition as long as they all remain enrolled in the school.

**The amount reflected in the school year’s fee schedule corresponds to the monthly amount resulting from dividing the annual cost of tuition, meals, and transport into 10 monthly payments.

British externals exams

Official external exams are conducted through examination boards from England, and their cost is approximate.
In Year 12 and Year 13 (IB): 1.000€ year.
In Year 11 (IGCSE): aprox 1.000€ year.
In Year 6, 9 and 10 occasional tests may be conducted at an approximate cost of €135 per year (*). The exact amount will be communicated to you before being billed.

Frequently Asked Questions


From what age can I register my children?

SHACKLETON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a British school offering an English and Welsh Curriculum based education from the age of 3. At our Superfriends Early Years Centre, children can start at 4 months of age and are then guaranteed a place at SHACKLETON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

Are students with a basic level of English admitted?

All applicants, even if they come from another British school and/or are native speakers, will sit an age-appropriate written test and will be required to present their previous school’s marks on the same day.

The decision on the suitability of the applicant will be made by the management team, who will also decide if any special measures need to be taken to help the student’s transition.

Some applicants may be admitted to the school on condition that they work with the help of a tutor for a few months.

How can I apply for places for my child?

If you would like to enrol your children at our British school in Valencia, just contact us on our telephone number 960.45.03.40 and we will tell you how our admissions process works. You can also write to us at

How many pupils are there in each class?

At SHACKLETON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL we aim for a maximum of around 25 students per class.

For the 2024-2025 academic year, we will offer Nursery up to Year 9, and will continue to open courses each year until we reach
Year 13, the equivalent of the baccalaureate.

If you have any other questions, contact us