The British System


So that our students acquire and assimilate the knowledge and skills necessary for their intellectual and cultural development, at SHACKLETON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL we follow the British educational model, which in addition to mastering the English language, favours practical and intuitive training, encourages teamwork and establishes clear objectives that guarantee continuous monitoring of the students’ learning process.

 10 key attributes of the British educational system:

Motivating dynamic

Stimulating environment and resources

Structured program of objectives

Personalised levels of care

Importance of evaluation

Promotion of healthy interpersonal relationships

Critical judgment and passion for learning

Value and recognition of students’ work

Strong leadership



At SHACKLETON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, we use a variety of different methodologies, so that our students can acquire a solid and integral foundation. In this way, depending on the area of work, the characteristics of the group, and of each individual student, we select the strategy that we consider most effective for a better understanding of the subject material and its assimilation. We seek the participation of each student, the interaction between peers and group dynamism to achieve an enriched and universal education.

True educational innovation does not depend solely on the use of the ICTs in the classroom, it must also have a pedagogical meaning. That is why many of our most interesting innovations do not depend on technology.


With this style of teaching, the student becomes the protagonist of their own learning process.

Equivalence between Systems


Formative Stages


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